About Frandsen


Frandsen Copenhagen was founded in Palo Alto, CA
Having been too far from home for far too long, our founders wanted to share their Scandinavian Street Wear with their friends. Their bold choices in attire, coupled with elegance and comfort, drew their friends in who always wanted to buy what our founders were wearing.
This brand is inspired by the founders’ friend: Frandsen, who is known to be unapologetically herself. Frandsen’s designs are unique. The quality is to fall in love with.
Our founders are here to share those styles with you.


Giving Back

We are not only inspired by Frandsen’s attire, but by her values as well. Frandsen puts others ahead of her. So, with every purchase you make, we will donate to a child in need!

Frandsen will donate 5% of its profits to NGOs helping refugees.